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BA (Hons) Business Administration
Awarded by Birmingham City University
Course Registration No.: 252291
The BA (Hons) Business Administration (Top-up) programme is designed for working individuals who are looking for highly practical business programmes to boost their careers. The programmes gears for a broad base of business knowledge, a range of essential personal competencies and a deep understanding of personal, organizational and environmental inter-relationships for nowadays’ business world. It helps our students for their employment in large and small organizations, or setting up their own businesses. Students will be able to apply business theories and concepts to relevant business issues to deduce realistic and appropriate policy recommendations and conclusions, thus to lead positive changes in their organizations.

Programme Structure^
Term1 International Business Strategy* 
International  Marketing

*Double loaded module with 30 ECTS
Term2 Globalisation
The Real World of Management
Business Operations and Systems
Term3 Managing Leading Strategic Change
Making Sense of Oraganisations
^Please note that courses and programme intakes shall be offered subject to satisfactory enrolment and solely at the discretion of the University.

Can be completed in 12 months

Medium of Instruction

Teaching Mode
Face-to-face tuition in Hong Kong
Each semester is a 4-month period covering 2-3 modules of study.
Each module consists of seminars after office hours in the evenings

Assessment Method
The assessment tasks involve a combination of assignments, examination and other exercises set in accordance with each module’s learning outcomes.
It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead.

Programme Start Date
May 2017 Intake 13

Entry Requirement
Holders of Higher Diploma or Associate Degree in business related disciplines or Other individual applications will be considered on the case-by-case basis.

English Language Proficiency
Completion of a Higher Diploma or Associate Degree delivered and assessed in English and completed not more than 12 months prior to the course commencement
GCSE English Grade A-C or equivalent

Programme Fee
Application Fee  (Non-refundable) HK$ 500
Registration Fee  (Pay upon successful application & non-refundable)  HK$ 2,500
 Total:  HK$ 3,000

1st installment  HK$ 20,240
2nd Instalment HK$ 20,240
3rd Instalment HK$ 20,220
Total:  HK$ 60,700

Grand Total:  HK$ 63,700

Candidates who do not comply with the fee schedule will not be permitted to proceed with the programme.

Refund Policy
The program allows for full refund of installment fee if withdrawal notice is received in writing by Kaplan Higher Education (HK) Limited 2 weeks prior to the start of each of the trimester. There will be no refund of installment fee if withdrawal notice is received afterwards. All fees paid will be refunded if the course is withdrawn or not offered.

On premature cessation of the course, all fees and charges that have been collected in respect of any part of the course failing to be conducted on or after the date of the cessation will be refunded within 1 month of the premature cessation.

In case of hardship and deferral (students are required to complete the course within the maximum length of 24 hours) cases, the University and Kaplan Higher Education (HK) Limited will consider the refund arrangement on an individual and case-by-case basis.

Birmingham City Business School (BCBS) is one of the longest established and most respected Business Schools in the UK. With over 3,200 students, it is also now one of the largest. It is internationally recognized and provides practice-based learning alongside links to services and business.

The Business School enjoys enormous respect in all areas of teaching and research. Located at the University’s City North Campus, just a few miles from the City Centre, Birmingham City Business School is one of the six faculties in the University.

The Business School received high recognition and accreditation for the quality of academic programmes from leading professional bodies.

There are nearly 100 full-time academic staff as well as significant number of associates who regularly contribute insights drawn from their commercial and professional experiences to the delivery of the Business School’s programmes.

The school has more than 3,200 students, with over 2,500 on undergraduate programmes and around 700 students on undergraduate and professional programmes.

Compared to any other UK University, Birmingham City University saw the biggest increase in students applying for places in September 2009; an increase of 35.6 percent compared to a national average of eight percent.
Why choose Birmingham City University?
Ranked top 60 in the 2013 Guardian League Table for Business and Management Studies
Ranked top 30 in the UK by the Sunday Times University Guide (2013) for placing students in graduate level jobs 
It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead.

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BA (Hons) Business Administration
Birmingham City University
23 May 2017
07:00 P.M. - 08:00 P.M.

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