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Students’ success is a critical milestone which Kaplan Higher Education is dedicated to achieve. Over the years, many of the graduates have accomplished great successes in their career after completing our programmes. See what our graduates have to say: 

Graduate Sharing

University of Hull | Executive MBA
“I chose the Hull Executive MBA because it emphasizes on both practical live case studies and theoretical understandings. These features are very important to me, especially as I started for my own business. Within the Executive MBA classes, friends and classmates I met is yet another invaluable asset. They all come from different career backgrounds, which added values to my pleasant learning experience at Kaplan for the Executive MBA studying. I truly thanks for my friend’s recommendation. It is a great choice!”

Carrie IP
Director, Connexions Consulting Limited

 University College Dublin | Master of Science (Management pathway) 

"I was attracted to the NUID Masters progrogramme for a number of reasons - 1) I knew and respected the institution; 2) the content / lecturers 3) the structure. As with many of my fellow students, I undertook the MSc whilst working. I also have a son aged six and a husband that travels extensively in the region. Having taken my first qualification whilst working and knowing how taxing it can be, in order to enjoy as well as endure the process, I knew I needed to find some space in my work/home schedule.

Sheena Graham

Monash University | Master in Counselling

“Monash University - Master In Counselling programme was interesting and informative with a view to putting psychological theories into practice effectively. It was an excellent experience to share thoughts and views with professional working in educational environment." 

So Shiu Yuen, Anthony

University of Hull | Executive MBA
“Hull Executive MBA Programme - I must admit that the course has a good structure to enable students to well balance their career, study as well as social life.”

James Wong, Intake 47
Macau Venetian Hotel and Resorts

 University of Hull | Executive MBA

 “Hull Executive MBA Programme enables me to advance my management and personal skills development. These skills play a major role in my career path and and help me going further."

Wong Ling Ling Aileen, Intake 48
BNP Paribas, Hong Kong

University College Dublin | Bachelor of Business Studies (Hons)  - Finance pathway

"As a customer service ambassador of a bank, I benefit a lot from this course. For example, the module of Financial Management helped me to build up the fundamental concepts on investment tools. Henceforth, I can provide more professional advices to my customers. On the other hand, the local lecturers by the School are able to explain theoretical framework with the aid of their real world working experiences. That helps a lot in understanding the theories in the shortest time. "
Philip Chan, Intake 20

University College Dublin | Bachelor of Business Studies (Hons) - Marketing pathway
"This course widened my eye sight and broadened horizons. In this course, group assignments provide me opportunities to learn practical skills such as communication skills, building bonds with others and project management through group discussions. These skills benefit not only to my studies, but also may career."

Tsui Ka Yau, Intake 20

 University of Bedfordshire | Bachelor of Arts (Hons) - Accounting
"I am going through a transition in my career from the area of sales to accounting. The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Accounting programme provides with exemptions in the ACCA professional examination papers. It perfectly fits for my career development."

Aaron Poon, Intake 1

University of Hull | Executive MBA
"The University of Hull’s MBA certainly changed my life in workplace and family! In a volatile market, holding a MBA is definitely a stepping stone for career advancement. Upon completion of my programme, I’ve obtained a promotion successfully. In my point of view, I prefer choosing an MBA programme which covers variety of management topics because it truly helps me pave my career development. This MBA programme covers large amount of professional knowledge and skill sets, including leadership, operational management and strategic thinking which are all very vital attribute for me to tackle daily problems I need to face at work. Many of the skills can also be applied in my decision-making process. Meanwhile, I have a clearer vision and mind set for developing business plans. I truly feel that my management skills were widely improved. Now, I am full of confidence to manage a wider spectrum and scope at work. I believe the MBA programme of University of Hull is a good start to help people achieve their own goals and dreams."

Steve Y C Au, Intake 40
Regional Relations Manager
CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

University of Hull | Executive MBA
"I truly enjoy the Executive MBA programme from the University of Hull. When I enrolled in the programme, the fee was sponsored by my employer and I was truly blessed to have the opportunity to place the time and effort to enroll in an MBA. To me, an MBA is a personal challenge and I consider it as a personal development. Since, I need to work during day-time; I would not prefer programmes with a busy schedule. After going through the schedule, I think it is quite easy to handle as a part time study. Moreover, I believe a high quality face-to-face interaction between lecturers and students can greatly elevate my understanding throughout the programme. Concerning my career development, the programme covers various skills, including decision-making skills, leadership skills and management skills which is greatly applicable to my work. Meanwhile, the programme also provides me with a professional network. Most of the fellow students are working in management or senior level at their respective work, thus it helps me to branch out for a broader network. The programme truly helps me to achieve a remarkable success in my career development. It is definitely worth it for me to put in the time for this quality MBA Thanks Kaplan! Executive MBA of University of Hull is definitely an exceptional programme!"

Katty Fung, Intake 55

General Manager, Finance & Leasing
DiVino Group


University College Dublin | Bachelor of Business Studies (Hons) - Finance pathway
"Bachelor of Business Studies (Hons) provides various pathways for students. I chose Finance pathway and it covered many practical and technical modules. Since, I would like to join the Commercial Crime Bureau of Hong Kong Police Force, I believe these modules will help in my career development in the future. Furthermore, the overall programme structure and schedule are well-designed so it is easy for students to complete the programme. In my case, first class honours is my target, and therefore I put a lot of effort and time on self-study. In the final year of my study, I had an opportunity to finish my bachelor degree in Ireland. I would like to express my gratitude to Professor Aidan Kelly from University College Dublin for his encouragement and support during the completion of my Ireland’s study life. It was a remarkable experience in my life. Meanwhile, Kaplan’s programme management team provided strong support during my study in both Hong Kong and Ireland. Moreover, it helped me build confidence in achieving higher goals in the future. Kaplan is absolutely a right choice for me!"
Lau Kai Ho, Intake 5

Monash University | Master in Counselling

“I think the Monash Master in Counselling is a really good platform for students to start their counselling profession. The part time mode is a very flexible schedule for students who are working full time. So far, all the students at Kaplan in my placement centre are very positive. We're both at a learning curve to understand each other, but I feel that they are very professional and dedicated students which I truly admire!" 

Alison Mackay
Assistant Manager
Christian Action Chungking Mansions Service Centre
Monash Master in Counselling programme placement representative

Monash University | Master in Counselling

“The programme is very international, in a sense that the overall teaching content has an international scope that enlarges my visions. The lecturers are very well experienced in their field. I feel that the programme inspired me to have more interest in counselling and it has helped me to open up more opportunities ahead. The overall time schedule of the programme suits very well to my work, as I’m in the Hospital Authority practicing as a nurse, I really need a programme that truly suits my busy time schedule. I have studied in previous universities with my bachelor studies, but none of them has a programme management team like Kaplan does. They help me to communicate with the university and also keep me at pace to my studies. All in all, I really appreciate everything that Kaplan has done for me during my period of study. Thank you!" 

Leung Chung Hing, Intake 20
Advanced Practice Nurse (Psychogeriatric Services)
Hospital Authority

Success doesn't come easy, some of our students have been through many obstacles before achieving top results or attain certain status in their careers. We believe learning from their success will stimulate and aspire you to review your goals and reset your milestones in life. Click here and capture the moments of our successful graduates.


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