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We aim to deliver a fruitful and exciting learning experience to our students of diploma, bachelor’s, masters’ and doctoral degree programmes. We regularly organise various kinds of extra-curricular activities ranging from seminar, workshop, company visit to orientation day. While achieving academic excellence, we also aspire to provide a delightful studying atmosphere that helps enrich student’s interest in learning.

Workshops & Seminars

We believe students should often enrich themselves with new knowledge throughout their academic progression for a holistic development. We often invite professionals from different fields as our guest speakers to conduct workshops & seminars which can maximize student's exposure to different business topics.

Alumni Gatherings

Networking is a huge part to personal and career development. We always emphasize on networking and learning through others as a method to success. Different gatherings and networking functions help students and alumni to connect and branch out to the world. 


Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities are organized as a crucial part of knowledge cultivation. Learning can be done outside of school contexts as a supplement to their programmes and also a way for students to attain more synergy between each other.


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